Joint replacement infection?

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Study Snapshot

Purpose: This study is to learn whether phage, viruses designed to attack bacteria, are a safe and effective treatment for infections after joint replacements when given with antibiotics and DAIR (debridement, antibiotics, and implant retention).

Infections after joint replacement can lead to serious complications.

Joint infection can show up any time after surgery including more than a year later. People with joint replacement infections can have serious complications requiring treatment with antibiotics and additional surgeries.

The infection in the joint can spread and become very serious. If left untreated, a neglected infection can lead to amputation.

What is a phage?

Phages are viruses specialized to only kill harmful bacteria and not healthy human cells. They are the most abundant biological entities found in nature. Phages are found in all parts of the body and, as a result, we are continuously exposed to many kinds of phage.

This study is to learn whether phage can effectively treat prosthetic joint-replacement infections (PJI).

What to expect as a part of this trial:

If you meet the two basic qualifications listed below, you’ll be directed to a clinic in your area to finish the screening process. If you are a match and want to participate, the clinic will walk you through the steps for enrollment and the informed consent process.

A patient choosing to participate in this study will be asked to undergo screening tests (such as blood tests or x-rays) or procedures (such as joint fluid samples) to determine eligibility.

Interested in joining this trial? Just 2 simple questions to get started:

1 Are you over
18 years old?

2 Do you have an infected
hip or knee replacement?

Note: Other conditions not specified above may result in exclusion from the study.
*Debridement is a surgical cleaning of the joint and implant.

If you answer yes to all three questions, you may qualify to participate in a research study that may help.

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